CITYDOGs KC is all set to open right around the corner from the KC Wheel.
Vine Street Brewing in Kansas City was awarded $25,000 to fund expansion, training and more beer.
Editor Bella sat down with the master brewer at Brewery Emperial to chat about all things craft beer and unravel the history of the biz.
We want to know where your go-to happy spot is in the City of Fountains.
It’s that time of year. Check out these Halloween-themed pop-up bars around Kansas City this season.
Kansas City is bustling with bars — but don’t count out the winery scene. Here are the local wineries that stood out the most to our readers.
If you want to have a pint with your pals while rolling 20-sided dice, you should check out this list of tabletop gaming bars.
At first glance, this seems like just another wine-forward restaurant. But stick around for a little longer and you’ll find it’s a carefully curated + creative experience.
We’re still searching for answers on why much of Kansas City’s food + drink scene shuts down on Monday nights, so we’ve rounded up a few restaurant options that are actually open.
This nationally recognized, coffee-centered competition series is making its way to Kansas City this fall.
Whether your prefer the sweeter side or just want to shake things up, we are rounding up the best spots for sour beer options in Kansas City.
We laughed, we sipped, we had a grand time. Take a look at July with us as we cap off a month of bev industry celebrations, meet-and-greets, and delicious drinks in Kansas City.
What’s better than a fun bar hop? We got it — one you can go on via free public transportation. Join us for a KC Streetcar drink tour from the River Market all the way to Union Station.
Not only does Fountain City Winery embrace the wine culture in Kansas City — it embraces its roots, too. With the City of Fountains reference in its title, plus the home base in the West Bottoms, this spot has KC written all over it.
Head to Boulevard Brewing Co.'s Rec Deck for an expansive, laid-back hall at the top of the Tours & Rec Center. Visitors can play games, enjoy the skyline, and of course — drink beer. Editor Bella sat down with Kaleigh Rangel to learn more about the space.
Somerset Ridge Vineyard and Winery creates wine here in Kansas soil. We sat down with owner Cindy Reynolds to chat more about what the vineyard means to KC + how the grape crumbles.
We’re settling right in with Drink Up Month, and the best way to do so is with a drink in hand. Let’s dive into how to make this Builders Margarita from the comfort of your home, thanks to Restless Spirits.
Dive into the history behind German beer with local brewery KC Bier Co’s owner. Plus, get the details on the KCtoday + KC Bier Co happy hour on Thursday, July 6.
Drink Up Month is all about celebrating the beverage industry in Kansas City — from cocktails to coffee to beer, there’s a drink in the City of Fountains for everyone. Let’s dive into what the KCtoday team has in store this July.
Do you love coffee? What about cocktails? Maybe a mocktail or tea is more your speed. Regardless of your sip selection, buckle up for Drink Up Month, where we are celebrating all of your favorite beverages the entire month of July.
As KC continues to grow, we’re keeping an eye on upcoming developments and recently opened businesses.
Good news for Kansas City.
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