Chiefs release renderings of Arrowhead renovation plans

New private clubhouses, grab-and-go markets, and an entertainment-centered turf-covered tailgate zone are just a few of the Red Kingdom renos on the docket.

KCtoday_Arrowhead Renovations

The football fans in your life might already be drooling. | Renderings via Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs proposed a new look for Arrowhead, complete with some pretty sweet new deets. Attentive readers may have already noticed that the renderings feature a Kauffman Stadium-free Truman Sports Complex.

Itching to get off the sidelines? Then let’s tackle these new renderings and see what the Chiefs are cooking.

Activation Zone

Activation Zone

Imagine all the post-game victory parties.

Rendering courtesy of Kansas City Chiefs

So that’s what happened to the K — This zone would feature tailgate and covered entertainment areas where Kauffman Stadium currently stands. The Chiefs intend for it to be used on game days as well as year-round.

Parking + dedicated rideshare zone

Arrowhead rendering with parking lots detailed

It’s like a parking paradise.

Rendering courtesy of Kansas City Chiefs

The upgraded stadium would feature a dedicated zone for rideshare services plus more parking options, like a parking deck to the south of stadium and an expanded parking lot on the north side of the stadium (also where The K still stands). Lot O, the RV parking lot, would be expanded, paved, lit, and have permanent restrooms added.

Upper concourse bridge + canopy

Upper Concourse Bridge and canopy Arrowhead Stadium Renderings

For those of us in the nosebleeds — enjoy less walking, more snacking, and less sun.

Rendering courtesy of Kansas City Chiefs

This bridge would create wrap-around access for fans in the upper concourse section. So no more trekking up and down those stairs when you need to cross the stadium. The bridge would also have space for more food + beverage vendors. An added overhead canopy complete with infrared heaters + giant fans would help keep your temperature regulated, whatever the weather.

Pedestrian bridges

pedestiran bridges chiefs arrowhead renderings

Put on your walking shoes — it’s game time.

Rendering courtesy of Kansas City Chiefs

Three new pedestrian bridges will protect you from car traffic as you go to and fro.

Concession stands, retail + restrooms

grab and go chiefs rendering.png

Grab, go, and get back to your seat ASAP.

Rendering courtesy of Kansas City Chiefs

Along with installing more retail, restroom + concession spaces, many traditional concession stands will be converted to grab-and-go spots.

Upgraded tech

video boards.png

Don’t worry, the scoreboards will retain their curved frames.

Renderings courtesy of Kansas City Chiefs

The video boards will maintain their iconic shapes while increasing in size. New LED Ribbon Boards and upgraded TV, Wi-Fi, DAS, and Audio System Technology will be installed throughout the stadium — meaning big crowds won’t bog down your signal and you’ll see better pictures on every screen.

VIP entrances, clubs + suites

vip clubs chiefs renderings arrowhead new.gif

Excuse us while we check into the VIP section.

Renderings courtesy of Kansas City Chiefs

Want to get the most bang for those season ticket bucks? Then you’ll love the VIP entrances and upgraded clubs + suites. Brand new VIP entrances delineating from general admission gates will lead to all-new spots within the stadium, like the Sideline Clubs. There will also be End Zone Clubs and Suites, matching what newer NFL stadiums currently offer.

New field access tunnel

access tunnel chiefs renderings new

It’s good sportsmanship to think about your guests, too.

Rendering courtesy of Kansas City Chiefs

This tunnel will provide a more convenient access point for visiting teams + help with entrances/exits during major concerts.

    But wait — the stadium tax

    All these renovations hinge on the passing of the stadium sales tax extension in April. If Jackson County voters agree to the funding, the Royals would vacate Kauffman Stadium for the Crossroads and the Chiefs would take over the Truman Sports Complex.

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