The Crossroads stadium tax votes are in

Jackson County taxpayers made their voices heard regarding the 3/8-cent sales tax extension required to fund parts of a new downtown ballpark + Arrowhead renovations.

A rooftop view of the East Crossroads.

Expect this view of the Crossroads for a while longer. | Photo by KCtoday team

It’s official: Jackson County voters rejected the stadium sales tax extension which would have facilitated the Chiefs + Royals’ stadium plans. So, what happens now?

Both teams have leases at the Truman Sports Complex until 2031, so expect no big changes until then — or at least until the Chiefs have to state their intention to renew in 2029. After that, it’s up to each team to decide where they want to play.

Neither group has stated explicitly that they would leave Jackson County if the stadium tax was rejected, despite messaging that they would “consider all options.”

For now, all we can say for sure is that there won’t be a ballpark in our downtown skyline — or in the Crossroads — any time soon.