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Top brunch restaurants in Kansas City, Missouri

13 great spots to get your brunch on in Kansas City, Missouri.

Picture of brunch at The Farmhouse

A toast... to brunch. | Photo by KCtoday

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Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? Who cares — it’s delicious. The hardest part about brunch is choosing where to go. That’s why we’re doing the hard work of rounding up the top spots for those mid-morning munchies. Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this on an empty stomach.

Our recs

Bar K, 501 Berkley Pkwy., Kansas City, MO | This dog park restaurant crushes its chicken and waffles, which are infused with sugar crystals. Add in an extensive drink menu, live music, and all the fluffers you can pet, and it’s an instant brunch classic.

Café Corazón, multiple locations | Travel south for brunch, with traditional Latin American coffee drinks, yerba mate teas, and cultural eats (we recommend the Christmas-style breakfast burrito).

Denver Biscuit Company, 4144 Pennsylvania Ave., KCMO | As this restaurant’s only non-Colorado branch, the biscuit sandwich shop (paired with Atomic Cowboy pizza) became an instant Westport classic.

Rye, multiple locations | We recommend one of the many brunch cocktails along with your spicy crispy chicken sandwich.

The Farmhouse, 300 Delaware St., Kansas City, MO | They source their food locally, and menu items change frequently. We love the veggie Benedict

Top rated

Gram & Dun, 600 Ward Pkwy., Kansas City, MO | Lauded for its outdoor seating, delicious food, smooth cocktails, and friendly service, this Plaza restaurant earned 4.5 stars (out of 1,800+ reviews).

Succotash, 2601 Holmes St, Kansas City, MO | Located on a quiet corner up the hill from Crown Center, this eclectic restaurant is known for its cute decor + unique menu (Editor Travis once had a massive pancake burrito).

Beer Kitchen, 435 Westport Rd., Kansas City, MO | The Westport eatery’s self-proclaimed “honest food” is described by one reviewer as “home on a plate.”

Westside Local, 1663 Summit St., Kansas City, MO | Sorry, “Blunch,” not brunch. This downtown eatery combines quaint brick facades and patio seating with local ingredients.

These restaurants were chosen from high ratings across Tripadvisor + Yelp.


“You can’t beat weekend dim sum brunch at Bo Ling’s on the Plaza! Try the shrimp toast, garlic and cucumber salad, and steamed pork buns … all with fragrant Dragon Pearl tea.” — Reader Linda R.

Bistro 303 is our favorite place to go. Their shrimp and grits are amazing, and the atmosphere is so inviting.” — Reader Laura B.

“The pancake flight at Snooze!” — Reader Hannah B. (And while you’re looking for flights…)
“Go to Kate’s Kitchen. Everything there is delicious. I especially like their fried chicken (served as either a patty with eggs or as strips with curly fries) [...] Friendly waiters [...] and a relaxed atmosphere.” — Reader Karen S.

Which one will you be going to, and what classic brunch beverage will you order? Let us know.

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