Petticoat Lane was once the most fashionable street in Kansas City.
See what Editors Charmaine and Madison are shopping this year.
The Crossroads is beginning to boom, but who will maintain it? The answer could be a Community Improvement District.
The local honey hotspot is re-opening their storefront after nearly four years — here’s what to expect at their grand celebration.
Shop the most popular gifts of the 2023 holiday season, plus gifts that support small businesses and the best holiday wrapping paper to tie it all up in.
Stewing for a hot brew? Here’s where KCtoday readers shop for their tea.
The brand is also the first Black-owned hard seltzer in the US, according to Kin Seltzer.
Turnsol Books & Coffee’s soft opening kicks off this Friday, Oct. 20.
While the KC Wheel is getting the most attention, it’s just one of several attractions in its district. Here’s a first look at its mini golf course, and outdoor bar.
It looks like the Country Club Plaza is changing hands for its 100th birthday. Here are the changes our readers say should come with it.
Over its 100+ year history, the Country Club Plaza has exchanged a few hands. Let’s take a look at the ghosts of Plaza past.
The Waldo Fall Festival features a multitude of Waldo businesses and local vendors. Options to shop vary with food, clothing, accessories, and specialty services.
If you want to have a pint with your pals while rolling 20-sided dice, you should check out this list of tabletop gaming bars.
After years of working in the service industry, these workers have joined forces with a vision of creating a better bookstore + restaurant model.
At first glance, this seems like just another wine-forward restaurant. But stick around for a little longer and you’ll find it’s a carefully curated + creative experience.
We asked and you answered. This is how Kansas Citians want the East Crossroads to be developed.
There’s plenty of ways to party on 816 Day. Here’s our top recommendations.
East Crossroads KC has become the hub for cool diners and drinkeries, but there’s still a few spaces waiting to be transformed. Let’s use our imagination and build the city.
Burning Spider Stoke Company helps people of all ages get out and get stoked. It’s a niche community that is growing day-by-day, aided by its free, monthly longboard lessons.
The locally-owned grocery store is opening a second location using “Just Walk Out” technology and offering healthy foods at lower prices.
If you want to beat the heat + support local biz, check out these local ice cream businesses.
Our region is getting recognized. From the food to the culture to new developments — here’s the highlights of our most recent national awards.
Satisfy your inner bibliophile. Here’s a list of local bookstores to help you find your next all-nighter.
Previously run by Made in Kansas City, Donutology is already in the process of transforming the iconic trolley into its second location.
If you’re spending a lot of time at the barber, you might as well enjoy what you’re looking at. Here’s a few shops in the metro that offer more than a haircut.
The East Crossroads convenience store utilizes Amazon Go to give shoppers a checkout-less experience. But what does a shopping trip look like without stopping to pay? Editor Charmaine tested it out.
If you don’t have coffee already in hand, consider this your sign to grab some at these locally-owned spots in and around Kansas City.
Good news for Kansas City.
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