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We picked out our favorite on-sale furniture and decor (but the sale ends tonight).
If you don’t have coffee already in hand, consider this your sign to grab some one of these 31 locally-owned spots in and around Kansas City.
Find high-quality florists in the KC metro, recommended by the most engaged locals.
As KC continues to grow, we’re keeping an eye on upcoming developments and recently opened businesses.
Nothing stays forever... but sometimes we sure wish it did. We’re asking you to dish on defunct metro dives they wish they could step foot in once again.
The Nuuly center is the second one its parent company has opened in the region.
Franklin’s is one of the largest suppliers of recreational marijuana products in the metro.
This Super Bowl victory parade is the most expensive yet. Step out in support of your favorite team with some new Red Kingdom merch.
After years of sitting vacant, the spot will soon be a new entertainment and living destination.
Be booked and busy this weekend.
Real fans don’t wait to get their Chiefs gear.
Shop Valentine’s Day chocolates, couple’s games, cookware, candles, and fuzzy socks to spread the love.
Royal Blue, Red it’s time to turn Kansas City green.
The craft cafe promises to fill your insatiable hobbying needs.
Will the Chiefs win the Super Bowl? What will happen with the Plaza? Here are our best predictions.
Review the figures from Missouri’s first year with legalized recreational marijuana.
Weigh, fill, weigh, pay — the four steps to get your fix of locally-made, eco-friendly products.
Petticoat Lane was once the most fashionable street in Kansas City.
See what Editors Charmaine and Madison are shopping this year.
The Crossroads is beginning to boom, but who will maintain it? The answer could be a Community Improvement District.
The local honey hotspot is re-opening their storefront after nearly four years — here’s what to expect at their grand celebration.
Shop the most popular gifts of the 2023 holiday season, plus gifts that support small businesses and the best holiday wrapping paper to tie it all up in.
Stewing for a hot brew? Here’s where KCtoday readers shop for their tea.
The brand is also the first Black-owned hard seltzer in the US, according to Kin Seltzer.
Turnsol Books & Coffee’s soft opening kicks off this Friday, Oct. 20.
While the KC Wheel is getting the most attention, it’s just one of several attractions in its district. Here’s a first look at its mini golf course, and outdoor bar.
It looks like the Country Club Plaza is changing hands for its 100th birthday. Here are the changes our readers say should come with it.
Over its 100+ year history, the Country Club Plaza has exchanged a few hands. Let’s take a look at the ghosts of Plaza past.
The Waldo Fall Festival features a multitude of Waldo businesses and local vendors. Options to shop vary with food, clothing, accessories, and specialty services.
If you want to have a pint with your pals while rolling 20-sided dice, you should check out this list of tabletop gaming bars.
Good news for Kansas City.
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