The Brush Creek Corridor is getting a makeover, with various projects to improve the area like the new MLK Pedestrian Bridge and Brush Creek Cultural Heritage Trail revitalization.
Kansas City leaders officially adopt a policy protecting gender-affirming healthcare for Transgender residents.
We compare our previous Municipal Equality Index scores from the Human Rights Campaign... plus, how that score might change.
This primary election will help decide who makes the decisions at the local level — like development, city budgets, and street resurfacing.
Protect the night by taking some simple actions Saturday, April 15-Saturday, April 22
A new ride service called Iris will provide semi-flexible pick-ups and drop-offs.
KC is on the precipice of these city-altering events happening over the next four years.
We take a look at our bicycling infrastructure and how we can make the area more bikeable.
What do you want to see at the urban park?
It’s the City of Fountains and Heart of America all wrapped in one symbol.
Spring 2023 will be halfway to the scheduled completion in 2024.
Grease your chains and don your helmet.
From pen on paper to jackhammers on concrete.
Imagine this street without the cars.
Vertical development is here to stay at Berkley Riverfront.
So, Main Street has been a little rocky.
The low-down on when, where, and how to register to vote in KC.
The club released renderings and access to membership.
Good news for Kansas City.
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