KCtoday gains 50,000 Instagram followers: Our most loved posts

In just a little over two years we’ve gained 50,000+ followers on Instagram. Let’s review what posts you all enjoyed the most.


Thank you so much for letting us showcase KC.

Photo by KCtoday

Highlight Reel

Wow, 50,000 followers. We don’t know what to say. We didn’t have a speech prepared. But, since you insist...

Our Instagram is dedicated to highlighting the best city on the planet: Kansas City. For the last two years, we’ve showcased KC’s best dining spots, hidden gems, biggest events, and its greatest victories.

Let’s review some of the City of Fountain’s shining Instagram moments.

Most viral moments

Russel Stover’s world record | 10 million accounts reached | The KC icon celebrated its 100th birthday by breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest box of chocolates — and we captured the sweet moment.

KCI named No. 1 US airport | 313,000+ accounts reached | We stay fly. No lie. They noticed. Our new airport was recognized as the No. 1 US airport by TravelAwaits. Honestly, who could see all its amazing features and disagree?

Our favorite rooftop bars | 311,000+ accounts reached | Slurp and gawk at the beauty that is KC. Y’all absolutely loved this visual roundup of KC’s best rooftop bars.

    kctoday instagram scrolling

    Look at all the beauty that is KC — in Instagram post form.

    Video by KCtoday

    Biggest conversation starters

      New ramen bar in Overland Park | 28,000+ interactions| The new Jinya Ramen Bar was met with open arms and drooling mouths. The food in this reel looked delicious and you all couldn’t stop talking about it.

      Seven Swans Crêperie | 20,000+ interactions | This stunning space was the talk of the ‘gram. Draped plants and wallpapered walls give that French country aesthetic — which pairs perfectly with crêpes.

      City Editor Charmaine: I loved sharing Vine Street Brewing Co.'s ribbon cutting ceremony. The heartfelt speech + the historic occasion was heartwarming.

      City Editor Bella: My favorite moment was covering the Chiefs Super Bowl LVII win in reel (get it?) time.