Inside KCI’s specialty rooms

These rooms are designated for people with special needs, children, families, and service dogs.

Photo of the Variety KC play area at KCI

Kids will take off toward this airplane play pen.

Photo by KCtoday

Whether you’re arriving or departing from the City of Fountains, the new KCI terminal makes accessibility, comfort, and safety a priority for all travelers. These specialty rooms are meant to enhance your aerial experience:

Variety KC Inclusive Play Zone | This aviation-themed area is available for children of all ages + abilities while waiting for takeoff.

Quiet Room | Roll out a yoga mat, reflect on your travels, or simply rest in this serene environment.

Sensory Room | Sensory-safe activities and features are designed for neurodivergent travelers.

Family Restrooms and Nursing Rooms | Amenities include changing stations, room for strollers, and adjustable lighting.

Kansas City Air Travel Experience Room | People sensitive to over-stimulation can experience checking in, security screening, boarding, and flight procedures, all in a calm and controlled atmosphere.

Service Animal Relief Areas | Rooms are outfitted with bags, artificial grass, and even a mock fire hydrant.

Photo of room with fire hydrant

Makes you want to lift a leg, doesn’t it?

Photo by KCtoday

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