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Your guide to the new KCI terminal

Here’s all you need to know about using the new KCI terminal.

Photo of concourse connector at KCI

There are a few things to know before you’re hurtling along the moving walkways.

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Traveling by plane is fun — jet-setting over rolling hills and beautiful blue waters, taking in cloud formations, and landing in a completely different location in a matter of hours is unlike anything else. The whole navigating the airport part? Less exciting, and sometimes pretty stressful. Luckily, we’re doing the heavy lifting so flying in and out of KC can be a breeze.

The new terminal at the Kansas City International Airport opens on Tuesday, Feb. 28. We toured the terminal to help make your time at KCI as smooth as possible, and we created this guide that covers everything from parking and gates to food, drink, and nonstop flights.

Before you read on — bookmark or save this guide, so the next time you fly, you’ll be a pro before even leaving your home.

What to know

Photo of Check-in hall with hanging sculpture

First of all, look up when you enter the check-in hall.

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  • Website | FlyKCI.com, meet FlyKC.com. This new website will help answer your questions.
  • TSA | Security check times will vary16 lanes are centrally located next to the check-in desks. Infrequent fliers can check out these travel tips.
  • Map it out | If you’re like us and need to completely visualize a place before you step foot inside, this interactive map will get you started. Think of the shape of the terminal like a big “H” for “home.”
  • Food and drink | Between four coffee roasters, three barbecue options, three craft breweries, two food halls, and other local favorites, this terminal features 50+ food and retail options.
  • Flight status | While we recommend staying updated via your respective airline, you can also check the airport’s dashboard for your flight status in a pinch.
  • Reminder | By May 7, 2025, you will need a REAL ID to board commercial flights in the US.

Did you know? KCI’s identifier code is actually MCI, which stands for Mid-Continent International Airport. That’s what it used to be called before the name change in 1972.

Parking, shuttles, and rideshare

Photo of departure drop-off zone

Are you a garage person or a drop-off person?

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Not everyone has a best friend who will drop everything to pick them up from their 3 a.m. arrival. Parking in the garage or surface lot is $1 for 30 minutes and $3 for 30-60 minutes. Prices increase by $3/hour (up to five hours in the surface lot and eight in the garage). The price per day is as listed:

  • Garage parking | $25/day
  • Surface lot parking | $18/day
  • Economy parking | $7.50/day

The new parking garage has 6,200 spaces, including 52 spaces for electric vehicles. Red light/green light technology hangs from the ceiling, indicating available spaces.

Hate the thought of driving yourself? Try out a shuttle, rideshare, or taxi service that will take you to and from the terminal. These services are suggested by KCI:

The new drop off and pick up zones — now on separate levels — have dedicated shuttle, rideshare, and taxi curb space. Here’s a map.

Did you know? If you’re going to pick someone up, KCI’s cell phone lot is located at 680 Brasilia Avenue (also with electric vehicle charging stations).

Nonstop flights

Photo of window with view of air traffic control tower

Air traffic control says you’re cleared for takeoff.

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KCI offers 46 nonstop flights 44 domestic, plus two international flights — to Toronto, Canada and Cancun, Mexico. Here are six nonstop flights to nearby locations.

Pro tip: Remember that flight times and schedules will often change you should rely on your respective airline for exact timing and to stay updated on any changes.

  • St. Louis | Southwest | Daily | Three Monday-Friday, one Saturday, two Sunday
  • Chicago-O’Hare | American, United | Daily | See individual airlines
  • Chicago-Midway | Southwest | Daily | Six Sunday-Friday, four Saturday
  • Minneapolis | Delta | Daily | See airline
  • Nashville | Southwest | Daily | Three Sunday-Friday, two Saturday
  • Austin | American, Southwest | Daily | See individual airlines


Photo of Gates B40-69 sign

It’s as simple as A, B... yeah, that’s it.

Photo by KCtoday

These areas include the following stores and services nearby:

Concourse A | Made In KC, Lego store, Air Travel Experience, clothing, tech, and barber shops

Concourse B | City Market, Brookside Local, Turn The Page, Sensory Room, Children’s Play Area

  • Gates B40-52 | United, Delta | Everything Travel kiosk
  • Gates B54-69 | Southwest | &GO (powered by Amazon “Just Walk Out” tech), The Pitch Convenience

Food and drink

Picture of River Market mural at KCI

Is farm-to-airport a thing?

Photo by KCtoday

See the full map, or check out our highlights:

A Concourse | Martin City Brewing, Meat Mitch, Parisi Coffee, Urban Café, Made of KC Food Hall, Smoothie King, Soiree Steak and Seafood House (featuring the American Jazz Museum + performance stage).

B Concourse | City Market Food Hall, Stockyards Brewing Co., Barbecue Experience, The Leagues Sports Lounge & Eatery (featuring McCormick Distillery + Negro Leagues Baseball Museum).

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