Russell Stover breaks world record for largest box of chocolates

Was it real chocolate? Yes. Was it a functional box made out of cardboard? Yes. Did it smell scrumptious? Oh yeah.

Photo of workers placing giant pieces of chocolate

These people had way better self control than we would have had.

Photo by KCtoday

The Kauffman Center was awash in the smell of chocolate, and the AC was set to “cold.” Food handlers, equipped with gloves and shoe covers, gingerly placed 22-pound chocolate pieces into hot tub-sized insets. Official weight counters called out numbers, and a world record official stood behind overseeing the process.

It was Monday, April 17 — the day Russell Stover set the record for largest box of chocolates.

The chocolate weighed in at 5,616 pounds, ranging from actual-sized chocolate covered almonds to enlarged pieces of real Russell Stover flavors. That beats the previous record holder set in 2008, which was 3,725 pounds (nearly a ton lighter).

The box alone was 30.5-ft by 15.5-ft and weighed 2,300+ pounds.

As part of the rules, all of the chocolate needed to be donated, so Russell Stover partnered to raise money for Feed the Children.

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