Answered: 22 stories in 2022

You asked — we answered. Here’s the proof.

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Let a golden skyline be our wish for your prosperity in ’23.

Photo by @jvega57

When we make a promise, we keep it. When we ask for your suggestions, we use them. You could say we have a healthy relationship.

At the end of last year, we asked you for story ideas. We also told you we would answer 22 questions in 2022clever, right? Well, we did it. And in the spirit of journalistic transparency (OK, and tooting our horn a bit), we present to you our answers.

1. Best wellness centers in KC?Debra H.

2. Places for live, local music?Anne S.

3. Local outdoor activities?Sarah S. (We have a whole section for that)

4. Stories behind KC landmarks?Jan F. (And check out our ghost signs stories)

5. Best place to work with a laptop?Denise D.

6. Places to hike?Anne S. (Plus, this additional guide from 2021)

7. The Town of Dallas, MO history?Tom O.

8. Urban hiking and walking?Karen A. (And walk with us on this mural tour).

9. Places for local history?Anne. S.

10. Oldest continually operating restaurants in KC?Sherilyn F.

11. Restaurants with authentic food from around the world?Annie E.

12. Where to go dancing or get lessons?Jackie M.

13. Best outdoor patios?Leeanne S.

14. Best bike routes?Dana S.

15. Date nights at different price points?Cheryl M.

16. Recipes from local chefs?Susan E. (We did a few of these)

17. Best brunch in KC?Jackie M.

18. Recipes for healthy eating?Debra H. (Plus, this plant-based guide from 2021)

19. Top 10 dive bars?Anthony Q.

20. Clubs and other ways to connect?Kim. B.

21. Histories of KC neighborhoods?Joanie W. (Introducing our neighborhood guides)

22. Farmers’ markets in the metro?Jackie M.

What other ideas do you have for us? Email us, and we’ll get to work for 2023.

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