Favorite remote work coffee shops in Kansas City

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Get you a cookies n’ cream donut with your single-origin drip. | Photo by KCtoday

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Laptops and coffee cups. Whether it’s your nine to five, your side gig, or simply your time away from home, cafés have become quintessential work hubs. However, not all coffee shops are optimized for the rise-and-grindset. We’re combining + answering your question:

What’s the best cafe to “work on a laptop” or have a “work meeting over a cup of coffee?” — readers Denise D. and Annie E.

Editor Travis

Splitlog Coffee Company | 546 Olive St., Kansas City, MO | Some of the best drip coffee in the city, ample seating + outlets, great aesthetics, good food, and a friendly staff. Pro tip: Olive Street is a one way, but there’s always parking within a couple blocks.

Black Dog Coffeehouse | 12815 W. 87th St. Pkwy., Lenexa, KS | A trendy spot with hyperlocal partners, lots of seating, great food, and great coffee.

HITIDES Coffee | 519 E 18th St., Kansas City, MO | Get away from the busy city with some relaxing tiki vibes. Plus, there’s a surprising amount of seating past the bar.

Editor Dayten

Banksia | 105 W 9th St., Kansas City, MO | An Australian bakery that’s not too crowded with really good pastries + unlimited drip coffee for $2.50.

Nutella berry and bacon Brie danishes at Banksia. | Photo by KCtoday

Nutella berry and bacon Brie danishes at Banksia. | Photo by KCtoday

Mildred’s | 908 Baltimore Ave., Ste. 103, Kansas City, MO | Both locations have incredible food and a decent amount of seating, but the Baltimore location has the fastest Wi-Fi I’ve ever seen in a coffee shop.

Headrush Roasters Coffee and Tea | 7108 N. Oak Trfy., Kansas City, MO | The location on North Oak is very cozy with plenty of workspace. It’s my best hole-in-the-wall spot.

Intern Grace

Messenger Coffee Company | 1624 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, MO | “100% the vibes *chefs kiss, it’s not too loud but there’s always a buzz that is just enough to not have silence but also not be distracting.” — Intern Grace M. Pro tip: check the 3rd floor’s workroom for peace and quiet.

Oddly Correct | 4141 Troost Ave., Kansas City, MO | Great natural light, fun nooks + bar seating, and iced coffee served in a glass with a koozie.

Readers’ choice

Rochester Brewing and Roasting Company | 2129 Washington St., Kansas City, MO | “Great cold brew [...] plus, very friendly staff.” — Reader Robbie T. We love the number of tables, the natural light, and the featured local art.

Coffee shop by day, brewery by night. | Photo by @kccoffeespaces

Coffee shop by day, brewery by night. | Photo by @kccoffeespaces

Post Coffee in Colbern Library | 1000 N.E. Colbern Rd., Lee’s Summit, MO | The cold brew is outstanding, yummy donuts, and you can find any kind of seating you like.” — Reader Elizabeth H., a self-proclaimed huge fan of coffee… and libraries!

City Market Coffee | 305 Main St., Kansas City, MO | “It’s great coffee [...] great atmosphere, great employees, and the City Market.” — Reader George V. Pro Tip: Go upstairs for seating, outlets, and a bird’s eye view.

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