Kansas City’s oldest restaurants

Rich in taste and in history.

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You have to try the tater tots.

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Kansas City is a history buff’s dream, with well known spots like Union Station and the WWI Memorial — but did you know about the restaurants here too? Foodies, buckle in.

Many local eateries have watched our city grow and evolve over the last several decades — we’re talking 70+ years. If walls could talk, we’d listen to these ones. We’re serving you seven spots that will dish out a tasty meal with a generous side of KC history.

Dagwood’s Cafe, 1117 Southwest Blvd., KCK | 84 years
This classic cafe has been serving up their well-loved open face roast beef sandwiches + burgers since 1938 — the same year that electricity came to rural Kansas. The spot has maintained the small town feel, from the menu items down to the interior decor.

Town Topic, 2021 Broadway Blvd., KCMO | 85 years
This little diner, established in 1937, is a KC staple. DYK — a burger was just five cents when the spot opened up?

Rosedale Bar B Que, 600 Southwest Blvd., KCK | 88 years
This spot originally began as a neighborhood hot dog + beer stand known as “The Bucket Shop” in 1934. Shortly after, the owners decided to start a new business — but this one required a barbecue pit. The rest is history.

The Peanut, 5000 Main St., KCMO | 89 years
This bar and restaurant existed as a speakeasy before officially opening after Prohibition in 1933.

Stroud’s, 5410 NE Oak Ridge Dr., KCMO | 89 years
This spot is known as the “home of pan-fried chicken,” getting its start in 1933.

Dixon’s Famous Chili, 9105 E. US Hwy. 40, Independence, MO | 102 years
Vergne Dixon set up shop downtown selling his unique style chili from a street cart, which in 1919 turned into his first restaurant on 15th and Olive. Fun fact: Vergne was such a believer in his particular type of chili that he banned the use of ketchup in his restaurant.

Savoy Grill, 219 W. 9th St., KCMO | 118 years
The original building went up in 1888, allowing this American style restaurant to open up shop by 1903 — making it one of the longest standing spots in our city.

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