2024 Super Bowl victory parade set to be the most expensive yet

It gets costly to throw Kansas City’s biggest party of the year — especially when nobody’s paying cover.

KC_Super Bowl victory rally

The Red Sea is in KC.

Photo by KCtoday

In case you needed another reason to call in sick on Wednesday, Feb. 14 — Kansas City has set aside $975,000 for this year’s (possible) Super Bowl victory parade, a $225,000 increase from last year.

Now, that’s a whole lotta dough.

The parade would look much like last year’s — complete with a march through the streets and a massive rally at Union Station. Talk about a real Red Sea, the 2023 event saw an estimated 800,000 to one million loyal fans braving the cold to cheer on the Chiefs.

So what’s all this extra money going toward now? Well, put simply... mo’ people, mo’ problems. Mayor Q cited increased transportation costs and overtime for city employees, like public safety personnel, in his proposal for the ordinance. Nearly 800 members of law enforcement worked last year’s event, but none of the reported $200,400 incurred in overtime pay was budgeted for in the city’s $750,000 allotment.

So now we wait, Kansas City. No one will know for sure if we’ll be spending our Valentine’s Day dressed in Chiefs’ red until Sunday, Feb. 11. In the meantime, you can start prepping for KC’s biggest party of the year by checking out our Red Kingdom recommendations and keeping an eye out for the guides we’ll be dropping all next week.

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