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Bella + Travis = power team.

City Editors Travis and Bella holding coffee in front of Kansas City cityscape

Coffee shop work-sessions should be a love language.

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Hey Kansas City, Bella + Travis here. Between the two of us, we get the privilege of sharing the news with 106,241 readers in Kansas City, daily — both through our newsletter + social media.

We have a new face at KCtoday, so you can consider this our official meet-cute (no cinematic, albeit awkward, coffee spill bump-ins required). 😘

Meet Bella 👋

Bella KC Today.jpg

The wind was in my favor.

Photo by @thekctoday

Q: Describe your perfect day in Kansas City in the length of a Tweet (280 characters).
A: Start the day with Crow’s Coffee for an iced dirty chai followed by vinyl shopping in Westport at Mills Records. After a quick bite to eat at Parlor, I would pre-game a concert at Uptown Theater by crossing a new beer off my passport at iTap.

Q: You’re ordering a drink from Kansas City-coffee shop/bar: What’s in it?
A: There’s a good chance if I am ordering a drink, it’s a beer. What other beer than the coveted KC-native Boulevard Space Camper IPA?

Q: Describe Kansas City’s personality in three words.
A: Lively, united + home.

Meet Travis 👋

City Editor Travis posing with a coffee in front of Kansas City cityscape

That’s Senior City Editor Travis to you.

Photo by @thekctoday

Q: What were the last 3 things you did downtown?
A: A childhood friend just moved to KC, so we reconnected at Baramee Thai Bistro (I recommend the Pad Key Maw). On Tuesday, I played KC Crew rec sand volleyball (we lost the match, but won in spirit), and yesterday, I walked my dog in Quality Hill.

Q: Hit us with your favorite piece of local trivia.
A: The Jackson County Courthouse, Municipal Auditorium, and Brush Creek were all built by a mob boss.

Q: What’s something every new Kansas Citian oughta know about?
A: Other than our events page? These 13 unwritten rules (like how to pronounce the Plaza) will help you fit in right away.

Now that we’re all BFFs, feel free to send us a message to share news, events + more with us (or just say hello).