13 unwritten rules of the Kansas City metro

Picture of Kansas City with giant clouds and vivid sunset

KC isn’t flat. Our mountains are in the sky — @maxwellpsychological | Photo by @kansascity

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There’s a certain pride that comes with living or growing up in Kansas City. Often, that manifests itself in quirky ways, like specific city knowledge, trends, and colloquialisms. Think: How do you pronounce “The Plaza?” We’ll get into that.

Of course, none of these rules are official or written down, but they are absorbed by the community. If you are lucky enough to be from the Heart of America, here are a few unwritten rules, shared on Instagram + Reddit, that you probably already know. If you’re a transplant, you might want to save this newsletter for future reference.

Unwritten rules

“On Fridays, we wear red!” — @katrina_greene1

“You know they’re from KC if they dress like a KC tourist.” — @closingwithcaisha

Speaking of clothes…

“The fountain design is our official logo, but the KC heart is our unofficial true love.” — Editor Travis

“We never reveal our true favorite barbecue spots.” — @msmel1979

“Patrick Mahomes is never Pat. Arrowhead is Arrowhead.” — Travis


“Sandstone.” — @jesseh904. IYKYK.

“Know your order before you get into the line at Gates.” — @North_Storm1

“Kansas City North is north of North Kansas City.” — @mycatstolemyusername

“It’s pronounced ‘PLAH-zuh,’ like ‘cat,’ not ‘PLAW-zuh,’ like ‘paw.’ I’ve made that mistake before.” — Travis

“The Independence Avenue Bridge is undefeated.” — @P00Perrr

And apparently, semi-trucks are the prey.

“The dark building in OP is called the Darth Vader building.” — @Fdave187

This is my new favorite.

“Everything in Kansas City is about 30 minutes from Kansas City.” — @Portland_st

“To book a flight, use the code MCI for Mid-Continent International. But never, ever, EVER speak those 3 letters aloud. It’s KCI, and always will be KCI.” — @ZorrosMommy

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