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KC 101: our guide to becoming a Kansas City resident

Becoming a new resident is easy with our KC 101 guide to all things Kansas City, MO.

Photo of downtown Kansas City and Union Station

Some call this beautiful. We call this home.

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Picture this: You just moved to Kansas City, MO and you need some help with the practicalities of life (we can’t just sit back and watch the fountains all day, unfortunately). That’s where we come in. Keep reading for Kansas City 101, our guide to all the things you need to know as a new Kansas City resident.

The essentials

Voter registration

Make sure you’re eligible and registered to vote, find your polling location, and preview upcoming elections and sample ballots here.

Driver’s licenses and vehicle registration

New residents in need of a Missouri driver’s license will need to provide proof of identity, legal status, a Social Security document, and two documents confirming your residential address. This guide will help create your checklist.

To register your car in the state of Missouri, you’ll need to bring the following to any local license office:

  1. Your original title
  2. A signed application
  3. A safety inspection
  4. A current car insurance ID card
  5. A statement of non-assessment

Fees vary depending on “taxable horsepower.”

Locate the office closest to you.


Establishing yourself with a primary care provider is one of those things you’ll be glad you did when you need one. Reach out to the professionals at Saint Luke’s, Kansas Health System, North Kansas City Hospital, or Advent Health, to name a few. Pro tip: Websites like DocSpot filter physicians by location, patient reviews, insurance, language, and more.

Photo of the KCPL Central Branch Community Bookshelf

We can feel you getting smarter already.

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Educational needs

School registration

Prepare your student for the school year by registering them with one of the many school districts across the metro. Here, you’ll find your district (based on your home address) and a list of resources to make sure your kid (and you) are ready. With your required documents in hand, you’ll then make an appointment at your student’s zoned school to complete the registration process.

For information on private schools, check out iFamilyKC’s list.

Library card registration

If you think libraries are only for renting the occasional book, think again. Register for a library card at your nearest KC Public Library branch to take advantage of all these perks, like:

  • Genealogy services
  • Events
  • eBooks, music, comics, and movies
  • Foreign language learning
  • Online databases
  • Private meeting and study spaces
  • Local history
  • Piano lessons

To get your card, you’ll need to supply some basic information. This can be done quickly online.

Photo of Google Fiber sign on office building

Here’s your link to the world-wide web.

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Home necessities


Thanks for thinking green. For everything you need to know about recycling in KC, from what goes in the bin to additional recycling services, check out our guide.


Moving is exciting, but no one wants to unpack by candlelight. Establish your services with Evergy by creating an account or updating your address in your existing account. Pro tip: See if you or someone you know can take advantage of one of its money-saving programs.

Internet providers

No connectivity issues here. Check out some of the internet providers in the metro:

  • Google Fiber | If you’re not grandfathered into a free plan, 1 gig starts at $70/month.
  • Spectrum | Starting at 300 mbps for $50/month, you can also get mobile internet + TV streaming.
  • AT&T | For all your wireless needs, you get up to 5 gig speed for $180/month.
  • T-Mobile | See if your address qualifies for 5G home internet services at $50/month.
  • Xfinity | Ball on a budget with 75 mbps starting at $20.
Photo of the Historic City Market sign

If you’ve been here, you’re doing KC correctly.

Photo by @jrw_shoots

The ultimate Kansas Citian initiation

Having a State driver’s license may qualify you on paper, but you’re not officially a Kansas Citian until you’ve taken part in some local fun that is only found in the City of Fountains.


You haven’t truly experienced the Barbecue Capitol of the World until you’ve tried Kansas City barbecueafterall, it’s one of many things we’re known for. We recommend Joe’s, Jack Stack, Gates, and Q39 for starters.


Take in the fresh air — and some fresh products — at one of the many local farmers’ markets. Overland Park’s market was even voted best in the nation.


While you’re up at the City Market, take a ride on the free KC Streetcar down to Union Station. Your kids will love Science City, and your whole family can enjoy the planetarium and jumbo movie theater. Other exhibits — like the Chiefs photo ops during the playoffs, Holiday Reflections, or displays like MAYA: The Great Jaguar Rises — will leave you in awe.

Is there something you’re still left wondering about to get properly established in KC? Ask us your question and we’ll do our best to answer it for you, like a good neighbor.

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