Jasper’s Restaurant to revive 1954 menu for 70th anniversary

On Monday, April 1 only, Jasper’s Restaurant will celebrate 70 years in KC with a menu inspired by its Italian classics from the last century.

A restaurant tabled covered with bottles and glasses of wine, and seven plates containing Italian entrees. Dishes include pasta, cooked meats, and chicken parm.

On the bright side, if you miss this special occasion, you’ll still have the rest of the menu to look forward to. | Photo via Beans-Talk Media

For one night only, KC staple Jasper’s Restaurant will celebrate its 70th anniversary by bringing back old favorites.

The Italian eatery opened as “Jasper’s Ristorante” in Waldo in 1954 before moving to its current location at 1201 W. 103rd St., and it’s spent most of the last century slinging pizza, pasta, and deli sandwiches — as well as tableside “Mozzarella Theatre.”

To mark the occasion on Monday, April 1, Jasper’s is rolling out a special 1954 menu: four courses including Lobster Bisque en Cappuccino, Chocolate Tartuffo, and the restaurant’s famous Capelli D’Angelo alla Nanni.

Make a reservation — it’s $70 a person. The event is expected to sell out quick, but Jasper’s will be hosting other special anniversary events all month long.

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