Answered: What KCtoday readers really want for Valentine’s Day

Chocolate, roses... maybe a Chiefs victory while you’re at it.


Sending a little love your way everyday at 6 a.m.

Photo via Pexels, by Alleksana

Reminder: Your beau will be expecting more than just a Chiefs parade on Wednesday, Feb. 14.

Still need to find a gift? Chocolate + flowers would do just fine for ~ 26.7% of our readers, but the other half has some better ideas...

“A new barrel horse.” — Ruth M.

“I’ll take a case of Diet Coke and some peanut M&Ms!” — Judy K.

“Month-long trip to England.” — Dana R.

“One million dollars.” — Charm M. (Wait a minute...that name looks familar.)

If you aren’t already, hold on to your wallets. The No. 1 answer, ~40% of readers said: “Chiefs Season Tickets — I would say Super Bowl tix, but no one loves me that much.”

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