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Midwestern Small Talk 101: Even our secrets are traffic-related.

Stick to the big three (weather, sports, roads), and you’ll do just fine.

An upside down Road Closed sign on Wyandotte Street

This car-centric city can’t live without its morning traffic report. | Photo by KCtoday

“Catch the game last night?”
“Whew, we needed this rain.”
“Did you get in okay? 435 was a mess.”

Our Midwestern sensibilities mean we possess unparalleled powers of small talk — so much so that after asking for our readers’ local life hacks, the majority of responses... were all about the roads.

“The rest of the country would say Highway 50 or U-S 71, but in Kansas City it’s 50 Highway or 71 Highway.” — Randal S.

“Remember numbered streets run east and west instead of north and south, except in Wyandotte County — it’s the opposite.” — Bob R.

“We say full street names. It’s not Ward, it’s Ward Parkway.” — Anonymous

Your Honor, we rest our case.

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