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Reddit’s Kansas City life hacks

These users might be anonymous, but their tips — talking I-435, Gates BBQ, and grocery stores during Chiefs games — are definitely local.

Picture of downtown KC skyline

Welcome to the school of (not so) hard knocks. | Photo by @jrw_shoots

According to the internet, there’s an art to living in Kansas City. This unspoken wealth of knowledge is what keeps the average local from falling into life’s proverbial (and literal) potholes. Think: it’s PLAH-zuh, not PLAW-zuh.

Think you’re a pro at metro living? Test your knowledge against these 13 Kansas City life hacks, shared on Reddit — and be sure to drop your own. If you’re a transplant, you might want to save this newsletter for future reference.

IYKYK — KC Edition

“Go grocery shopping during Chiefs games. The store will be empty.” — @Novaova

“You can order wings at the Peanut cooked ‘extra crispy,’ ‘charred’ or ‘double dipped.’ It only took 20 years to learn that.” — @bonsreeb

“Public transit can take you to/from the airport. There’s a route that starts at 10th and Main that gets to KCI decently fast. $1.50 each way is a great deal.” — @chimesplayer

“If you to tell the lady at Gates you need a minute to look at the menu she won’t keep yelling at you. 😂" — @Future_Constant6520

“Don’t drive around the Plaza during the holidays unless you have amazing patience.” — @c792j770

“If you’re having trouble finding your flight gate coming home, look for people with KC gear. 10/10 someone on the flight will have something on!” — @__seeLearn

“If you ever get lost, remember these simple rules: The Uptown Theater is in Midtown, but the Midland is in Downtown. North Kansas City is South of Kansas City North. [...] And I-70 somehow runs parallel to itself downtown.” — @ActivityImpossible70

“Right lane on Shawnee Mission Parkway travels faster than the left lane.” — @sober2497049

“There is a Dollar General downtown. It’s branded ‘DGX’, and it shares a building with luxury apartments, but the prices are Dollar General prices.” — @Rationalist_Coffee

“The Midland has public bathrooms on the Mezzanine level that no one ever goes to.” — @lifeinrednblack

“KCI if referring to the airport in conversation. MCI if booking a flight online.” — @ObservablyStupid

“Tour de Taco 🌮 (the KC Taco Trail) bike ride to burn calories. Eat tacos to replace calories. It’s like a perfect infinite loop of energy and fitness.” — @Fearless-Bet780

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