Kansas City neighborhoods as dog breeds

Kansas City is known as the City of Fountains. But what if it was the City of Dogs?

marceline the snuggle queen miniature aussie smiles up from the grass @marcelinethesnugglequeen kctoday

Marceline the Snuggle Queen loves walks around the Plaza.

Photo by KCtoday

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Whether it’s a golden doodle or a mini Aussie, it seems most Kansas Citians have a doggy posse. If we were visualizing KC neighborhoods as dogs, here’s how we think the kibble would crumble.

Boxer: Crossroads Arts District

Boxers are upbeat, playful, and extremely loyal — which sounds just like the Crossroads. Head to this playfully creative district if you’re seeking energy and fun. Stop by during First Fridays and you’ll see loyal Kansas Citians faithfully flood the streets.

French bulldog: River Market

French bulldogs are loving + energetic with natural rizz and the breed is almost as old as the River Market. Peruse the City Market farmer’s market and you’ll feel the energy of people in love with their city. It’s a true embodiment of the French Bulldog’s relentlessly happy personality.

Golden doodle: Waldo

This designer dog is a combination of two traditional breeds — a poodle and a golden retriever. Its mix of its parents’ best qualities make it beloved and respected. What better way to describe Waldo? Eclectic from conception, you’ll find all kinds of homes, businesses, and people parading around.

Samoyed: West Bottoms

At more than 5,000 years old, the smiling Samoyed (Sammy) is one of the most ancient dog breeds. This cloud-like beauty is keen, adventurous, and highly beloved — just like West Bottoms. It’s a local fav crawling with history and adventurous entrepreneurs building their businesses. And, like the ever-adapting West Bottoms, Sammys are highly adaptive, too.

Shiba inu: Strawberry Hill

Big things come in small packages. That holds true for the shiba inu + Strawberry Hill. The quirky breed dates back to third century AD and is strongwilled, clever, cute, and popular. Similarly, Strawberry Hill relentlessly holds on to its historic charm while curating an eclectic bunch of businesses that draw customers from all around the KC metro.

Australian shepherd: Country Club Plaza

Whether it’s toy, mini, or standard size, Aussies are energetic wiggle-butts with big personalities. Though named “Australian,” the breed was perfected in California. The County Club Plaza has a similar identity crisis. Its buildings, like the Giralda tower, may be scaled replicas of those in Seville, Spain, but it was built by Americans here in the heartland. The district itself has lots of personality, encompassing businesses + homes of all sizes.

West highlighland white terrior: West 39th Street

This spunky tiny terrior is hardy and ready to party all night. Sounds like West 39th Street to us. Whether you’re looking for a late-night bite or a hole-in-the-wall with pizzazz, you’ll find it on this block. Editor Charmaine recommends taking a break from the bars with some Tiki Taco.

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