Why we love Kansas City

Is it possible to describe in words? Here’s our attempt.

Aerial photo of the KC skyline at dusk looking north from the Crossroads

Reason No. 1: Just look at that pretty city.

There’s no shortage of reasons to fall in love with the Heart of America. We’re practically gushing with affection for the City of Fountains. From the kind people to the local traditions and copious things to do, here’s why we love Kansas City:

“Kansas City is exciting. There’s a crackle of potential energy in the air. We’re in the middle of huge growth, endless opportunity, and intentional change toward innovation, prosperity, and connectivity. When visitors come, they always reaffirm how I feel every day: ‘Kansas City is a really neat town with a lot happening.’” — Senior City Editor Travis Meier

“As a transplant, Kansas City immediately felt like home to me. The people welcomed me with open arms, and I never felt like there was a lack of fun things to do or try. This city embodies growth and community — it’s impossible to not love it.” — City Editor Bella Rainey

“To try to curate all the reasons to love KC would be as if to count all the stars in a Midwest sky on a summer night. To me… KC is love. Love of food; love of grit and growth; love of culture; love of traditions and foundational roots. Kansas City is home. Kansas City is love.” — Sales Executive Amanda Munsey

“I’ve lived here my whole life, and still every time I visit a town or neighborhood in the metro, it opens up new restaurants, shops, views, and folk!” — National Content Editor Dayten Rose

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