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Find your vibe in St. Louis

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Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis Mini Article July 2023

Hop into your car and cruise to St. Louis (a 3.25-hour drive from Kansas City).

Photos by the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis; graphic by 6AM City

Summer is here — AKA the season for road tripsand no matter what your go-to, explore-a-new-city activity is, StLouisArts.org’s planning resources have you covered for your trip of the summer.

Explore and add to your itinerary with:

  • 30+ theaters
  • 40 live music venues
  • 50 galleries and museums

The arts are the heart and soul of St. Louis, so don’t skip out on experiencing the city’s creativity for yourself.
Bonus: Use tailored recommendations for where to eat and where to stay to make your whole trip easy breezy. Discover what you’ve been missing.

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