Need to get out of work for the Super Bowl parade? We’ve got you.

There’s even a letter for the Swifties.

Parade letter.png

Consider this your get out of work free card.

Graphic by KCtoday

It’s not every day you witness the birth of a dynasty. If someone at work/school says you can’t attend the Super Bowl parade on Wednesday, Feb. 14, tell ‘em KCtoday said you can with one of our letters.

Normal Note

To Whom It May Concern:

Please excuse ___________________ from work/school today.

We could try and lie and say they’re not feeling well or there’s an important thing that came up at home…but let’s be honest.

They’ll be at the parade for our back-to-back Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs.

And fair warning, they might not have a voice the following day.

Thank you for your understanding,

KCtoday City Editors Charmaine and Maddie

The Note (Taylor’s Version)

Dear reader,

You might remember all too well, the last time the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, there was a pretty big parade.

Well, beyond our wildest dreams, KC went back-to-back. It’s nothing new.

Please accept this letter to allow __(blank space)__ to leave work/school to wear their red and gold (rush) and celebrate this last great American dynasty.

Don’t be mean or the anti-hero and make them stay stay stay, because there will definitely be bad blood and as you know, karma is the guy on the Chiefs.

Forever and always,

KCtoday City Editors Charmaine and Maddie

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