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KC’s Spicin Foods has a solution for locals sweating the Sriracha shortage

You’re gonna want to make room for this spicy new sauce option created right here in KC.

KCtoday_Spicin Foods

Find this local option on grocery store shelves or the Spicin Foods gift shop. | Photo via Spicin Foods

Summer is heating up, but hot sauce lovers across the country are sweating something else: Huy Fong’s possible Sriracha shortage.

The red hot brand with its iconic rooster symbol is undergoing production delays due to its peppers being “too green.” To make a long story short, you won’t see Huy Fong back on grocery store shelves until after Labor Day.

Before any pepper-lovers start panicking — KCtoday is already on the capsaicin case. City Editor Maddie made her way to KC’s Spicin Foods to talk its hometown alternative: Pain is Good Sriracha Hot Sauce.

There are two things to keep in mind about this local micro-batch manufacturer. First, that it’s been crafting award-winning hot sauces, salsas, drink mixes, and barbecue sauces in the metro since 1999. And second, that it’s having no trouble procuring its signature Sriracha’s red chile peppers.

Locals looking for their hot sauce fix can find Spicin Foods at:

  • Grocery stores like Price Chopper, Sun Fresh Market, and Hen House (sorry, no Hy-vee)
  • Local specialty shops like Made in KC Marketplaces
  • Or stop by the Spicin Foods giftshop (111 Southwest Blvd., KCK) to taste test everything from its Chiefs-collab BBQ line to “Hot Ones” staple Da Bomb Beyond Insanity.

Our verdict? Let’s just say City Editor Maddie left with a bottle of Sriracha + a newfound respect for the teary-eyed celebs on “Hot Ones.”

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