Kansas City, MO ranked No. 3 in the US for path to home ownership

The path to home ownership isn’t a pipe dream here in the Heart of America.

Photo of a two-story blue house for sale

Going once? Going twice?

Photo by KCtoday

A white picket fence. A mature tree with a handmade swing. A golden doodle snoozing on your front porch. It’s not just an American dream here in good ol’ KCMO — it’s an attainable reality. That’s what Realtyhop says anyways.

According to its latest study, Kansas City ranked the No. 3 city in the US for low barriers to home ownership.

The study found KC’s median household income to be $65,256, and the average listing price to be $229,500. If that median-income house were to save $13,051/year (~$1,087.58/month), they could have a 20% down payment in just 3.52 years.

That’s way lower than the nation’s average, which currently sits at ~five years of saving.

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