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Be the Broker: What should go in these East Crossroads spaces?

East Crossroads KC has become the hub for cool diners and drinkeries, but there’s still a few spaces waiting to be transformed. Let’s use our imagination and build the city.

East Crossroads busy bee cafe outside shot from across the street kctoday

There’s a lot of buzz in East Crossroads KC.

Photo by KCtoday

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The East Crossroads neighborhood is booming with breweries, coffee shops, and even an Amazon-powered cornerstore — but there’s still room for more.

Let’s play “Be the Broker.” Tell us, if you were building this district, what would you put in these spaces?

east crossroads restaurant space

Hopefully a new place will be cooking soon here.

Photo by KCtoday

620 E. 18th St. | 7,048 sqft

This location is restaurant ready. According to its leasing agent, the massive two-story space has a commercial kitchen and saw renovations in 2020. There’s also a 2,250-sqft deck space.

Editor Charmaine’s suggestion: I think the East Crossroads could use an experiential restaurant. Something like a live dinner theater would be great.

busy bee cafe outside of building kctoday

Some busy bees are working hard to get this space leased.

Photo by KCtoday

The old Busy Bee Cafe, 1805 Locust St. | 4,500 sqft

The long-vacant cafe is said to have been a thriving lunch spot in the 1960s and ‘70s. In 2015, the building was renovated, but the space is still looking for its next operator.

Jay Hawkins, an Associate Broker for Area Real Estate Advisors, tells us there are several groups interested: restaurants with bars, a CBD shop, and a salon.

Editor Charmaine’s suggestion: I vote for a nice restaurant with a rooftop lounge. I envision a swanky space where artists gather late into the night to unwind + discuss their next projects.

1813-1831 Holmes St East Crossraods outside building kctoday

This massive office building has a lot of potential.

Photo by KCtoday

1813-1831 Holmes St. | 46,000 sqft

Built in 1910, this single-story industrial building is equipped with loading docks, lots of offices, and solar panels.

Editor Charmaine’s sugestion: Big office buildings are on the way out. I suggest converting it into a mixed-use retail-restaurant-residential space. It would take a lot of elbow grease, but I think that kind of space would thrive in today’s world.

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