Parking, drop-off, and pick-up at the new KCI terminal

Don’t be stressed — we got you.

Photo of KCI parking garage with artwork

Even parking can be pretty.

Photo by KCtoday.

The last thing you want to worry about at the airport is how to get there. Now, you don’t have to. The new KCI terminal makes parking, drop-offs, and pick-ups a breeze (and it’s not just from the airplanes overhead).

Parking garage

The new parking garage is located directly across from the terminal (to the east). Signs will direct visitors into the garage, where they can walk a short distance into the terminal on blinking pathways.

The garage has 6,200 spaces. Red and green lights hang from the ceiling, indicating available spaces.

Garage parking starts at $1 for 30 minutes, increasing up to $25 per day.

KC_photo inside parking garage at KCI

Green means go, as in “park here.”

Photo by KCtoday


If you need to get dropped off, your driver will take you up the ramp to the top floor. Airline signs near the doors make way-finding fast and efficient.


If you need to get picked up, you’ll exit out of baggage claim. Be sure to gaze up at the art display, “Sky Prairie.”

For info on shuttles, rideshare, and the cell phone lot, see our full guide.

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