Our rabbit-friendly guide to Kansas City

Bunnies are the third most popular pet in the United States, but resources for these pet parents are often hard to come by... until now.


My rabbit Gazpacho — a queen presiding over her castle, aka her tunnel. | Photo by KCtoday

Editor Maddie here. In a world built for cats + dogs, finding resources for less common fur babies can be tricky... but my rabbit Gazpacho and I plan to change that.

DYK, rabbits are the third most popular pets in the United States, right after cats and dogs? Sadly, they are also the third most abandoned — in part due to well-meaning people gifting them for Easter, without realizing rabbits have unique care needs.

So whether you’re considering a new companion or already have a bun-dle of love, let KCtoday set you on the right track with local rabbit resources.

Hop-tions for adoption

Rabbits can live for 10+ years, need lots of space to run around (read: no tiny cages), and require daily stimulation — meaning these are anything but starter pets.

Still down for bunny ownership? Check out the KC Pet Project’s rabbit page, or turn to the region’s foremost authority: the Missouri House Rabbit Society of Kansas City.

The metro’s one stop shop

If you’re already a rabbit owner, MOHRS needs no introduction. This local branch of the House Rabbit Society offers more than just rescue, fostering + adoption services.

Need to go out of town? Try one of its bunny sitters. Trouble finding an exotic pet doc? Check out MOHRS’ registry (acupuncturists + energy healers included). Want to meet other KC rabbit lovers? Attend a monthly meet up at Lakeside Nature Center’s Lodge.

While there might not be places to hang out with our critters in the city, a la Bar K (or any of these dog-friendly spots), pet owners are always paving the way for new experiences and resources in KC. In the meantime, I might just stop by the Plaza’s iconic rabbit statues if I’m ever missing my bun while out and about.