Nomada, the team tuning KC culture to eclectic experiences

Meet the creative firm bringing KC “what it never knew it needed.”


Barraca 49, Nomada’s monthly Crossroads sound camp.

Photo courtesy of Nomada

Disco aliens, army trucks, industrial gardens.

Local conceptual design, branding, and production firm Nomada knows how to turn any idea into a world of sensory exploration…for one night only. Step into its latest venture — the anxiously anticipated, moody HiFi lounge In the Lowest Ferns — and you’ll get what all the fuss is about.

By now, loyal readers are probably thinking this sounds familiar – because it is:

“You may or may not know of them, but you’ve definitely seen its work. That military tent full of music in the Crossroads? Nomada. That music video for A$AP Rocky that was filmed in KC? It, too, was Nomada’s doing.”

Kctoday Nomada2

BTS of A$AP Rocky’s KC-based music video, produced by Nomada.

Photo courtesy of Nomada

They bill themselves as an amorphous force of creation, headed by Jason Eubanks, Dante Walton + Austin Goldberg. A fateful meeting in the local music scene began what is now an enterprise centered on bringing unexpected sounds and experiences to Kansas City.

“The city has been very receptive. If you look at the numbers alone, we’ve pushed hundreds and hundreds of people a night through [Barraca 49],” Goldberg said. “In a lot of ways KC is still a playground.”

KCtoday Nomada

In the Lowest Ferns

Photo by Dante Walton

Following the spirit of the city, Nomada and its concepts are constantly evolving. Its latest, In the Lowest Ferns, won’t be an eclectic, underground night-only lounge for long.

“We’re starting to program it for the daytime and are thinking of it in a more communal way. It’s a beautiful space for yoga or pop-up brunches, just whatever we can think of,” Goldberg said. “We’re open to people sharing their ideas on how to activate the space.”

The next experience for the HiFi lounge? A Valentine’s Day jazz experience featuring musician Ernest Melton. Find your ticket for this event or any other on Dice.

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