MO and KS midterm election results 2022

You’ve done your civic duty — now it’s time to see what happened.

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To recap: This year, we voted for positions like US House and Senate seats in MO + KS as well as a new KS Governor. Tack on a few amendments, and that’s the ballot.

You can stop refreshing those election trackers, because we’re here to share the results. Say hello to...

These were the called results at the time of publication. We will update this article.


  • Missouri Amendment 1 (state treasurer investments): No
  • Missouri Amendment 3 (recreational marijuana): Yes
  • Missouri Amendment 4 (allows legislators to increase KC police funding): Yes
  • Missouri Amendment 5 (for making the National Guard its own department): Yes
  • Missouri Constitutional Convention: No
  • Kansas Amendment 2 (mandatory sheriff elections): Yes
  • KC Question 1 (parks, rec + entertainment): Yes
  • KC Question 2 (affordable housing): Yes
  • KC Question 3 (Northland park land removal): Yes

Check all the results.

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