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Read the winning poem from our 2024 poetry contest

We challenged our readers to turn one of our newsletters into a poem — here’s what you came up with.

A top-down view of a laptop sitting on a table with an open notebook and pen sitting on top of it. Next to the laptop is a latte in a mug atop a white saucer. The latte has a foam heart on top.

Drumroll, please.

Photo by Pixabay via Pexels

This month, we ran a poetry contest to celebrate National Poetry Month. We challenged our readers to craft a poem using only the words that appeared in one of our newsletters (here are the original contest guidelines if you want to give it a try).

While prose is our newsletter’s bread and butter, it turns out that you all certainly aren’t op-prose-d to verse; we received several creative, intriguing, and beautiful poems that we narrowed down to our top three finalists.

Check out the poems below, including the contest winner our readers voted for.

Winner: “I think of you everyday” by Dahlia S.

Real heart swallows you
a handmade blackhole
At home it’s dark
monday to monday is black
An exhibition of you is pink
total confection
keeping your eye as a keepsake
to travel on

Finalist: “Like, Love, Fadeaway” by Phoenix S.

They’re on the hunt for a heart
Using words with no direction
To ditch intention for a season of guessing
To play games where rules are rejected.
You’re their favorite until it changes
Soon, promises turn into perhaps
All to keep their options open
Then they leave.
Some say this is the process
The journey
That we must keep up the performance
Messaging on and on and on
Until it’s easier
To expect the end.

Finalist: “The House That Bobby Will Build” by Boyd B.

No downtown ballpark soon.
For now, with Big Red and the Chiefs,
Truman Complex fireworks.

Folly to expect renew of leases.
Teams to consider options.
Johnson County?

We’ll come to a crossroads.
For now, enjoy
classic stadium tradition.

Buck O’Neil would play in any barn,
in starlight, with style, originality,….

like this current franchise,
heart-pounding hits, each quality pitch.

Beloved Royals:
float new versions!
We can’t wait to see Witt
in the Kauffman Center skyline!

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