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The immersive wildlife experience you don’t want to miss

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Tanganyika Wildlife Park_Experiences_KC_APR2024

Tanganyika is the perfect place to spend your next family day.

Photo provided by Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Did you know? Tanganyika Wildlife Park has been recognized as the most interactive wildlife park in the Midwest.

In case you haven’t already been, here’s what you can expect from this family-owned zoo:

  • 15+ exclusive animal interactions, like a safari adventure + small carnivore meet-and-greet
  • Nine interactive feedings (think: hand-feeding African penguins)
  • Rare and exotic species like clouded leopards and Bengal tigers
  • Gift shop products supporting conservation efforts

Psst... Don’t miss your chance to meet new baby hippo Latke. Experience the magic up close.

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