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Celebrate International Dark Sky Week

Protect the night by taking some simple actions Saturday, April 15-Saturday, April 22

The night sky with visible bands of the Milky Way.

There’s more colors out there than navy. | Photo by Jeremy Thomas via Unsplash

Saturday, April 15 kicks off International Dark Sky Week, an initiative to combat light pollution in cities all over the world. Do you want to see stars over our city — even downtown? Follow these recommendations from the International Dark Sky Association.

Help measure night sky brightness as a “citizen-scientist” with Globe at Night.

Inventory your home lighting by following the IDA checklist — it could be as easy as pointing an upward-facing light towards the ground.

Join the IDSW scavenger hunt. You’ll start by downloading the free hunt card. Record your progress, send the completed card to IDA, and claim some free Dark Sky stickers.

Contact a local government representative and request an official proclamation of IDSW. Awareness matters: Locals like you initiated 23 successful proclamations nationwide in 2022.

Write a letter to the editor of your (second) favorite newsletter, paper, or magazine. No debate skills necessary — just follow the playbook and make a case for dark skies.

Become a Dark Sky Advocate. Want more star parties, dark city walks, and collaboration with local organizations? Help protect the night as a local point of contact for IDA.

Find local stargazing events. Consider supporting the Astronomical Society of Kansas City. Or, plan a trip to your nearest Dark Site and tag us on Instagram (@theKCtoday) with your view of the night sky. Bonus: The Lyrid meteor shower peaks April 19-April 22.

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