KC sandwich recommendations: ours and yours

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We love a sandwich. Everybody loves a sandwich. We asked you about the sandwiches in KC that you love, and you answered. Let’s get right into the meat of it (or, if you prefer, the plant-based substitute).

KCtoday’s picks

City Editor Travis: Mildred’s Chili-Basil Breakfast Sandwich — it’s everything I love, and it has never let me down. Add chicken if you’re feeling ambitious.

Multi-city Editor Dayten: Helen’s JAD Bar in NKC. Sticky tables. $4 Boulevards on Sunday. You’ll get the Nashville hot chicken tossed in Thai peanut & sweet chili sauce. No lettuce, tomato, or onion — just pickles.

Managing Editor Josh: The burnt ends sandwich from Arthur Bryant’s. It’s just the perfect sandwich. Burnt ends: amazing. Bread: amazing. Sauce: amazing. Not a vegetable in sight.

Editorial Intern Mac: I like the Italian Club Panini from Cupini’s!

Sales Executive Amanda: I would say… Browne’s Reuben or the Baltimore Club [from Milwaukee Delicatessen].

Because if you want a traditional reuben, why not visit the oldest Irish business outside of Ireland?

Reader favorites

Cindy H.: “Breakfast sandwich at the Happy Gillis!”

Autumn + Robert T.: “The Rooben from Kind Food. My dad used to make homemade reubens growing up, and Kind Food’s version brings me back to childhood and hits ALL the right tastebud notes.”

Nostalgia is our favorite flavor — right up there with sweet and salty.

Margo S.: “Smoketown BBQ signature sandwich is the best!”

Paul W.: “The ‘Hook ‘Em Up’ at the M & M Bakery and Delicatessen at 1721 E. 31st St. in KCMO. [...] It’s huge, messy and delicious!”

Paul would also like to remind everyone that no deli visit is complete without a cookie. An M & M cookie, not an M&M cookie.

Linda R.: “The Bánh Mì sandwich at Pigwich in the City Market! Sit outside on a picnic table on a Saturday […] perfect summer picnic!”

And summer’s running out, so hop to it.