Kansas City-themed table topics for the holiday season

Awkward silences? Not on our watch.

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Set the table with us this holiday season.

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We know the holidays can be stressful (as illustrated in the song “The Twelve Pains of Christmas”). Here’s our attempt to make things a little easier on you using KC-themed conversation starters.

What is the perfect KC side dish?

As the Barbecue Capital of the World, we know that sides are just as important as the main meat (or veggie substitute). Here’s a list to get the conversation going:

If Kansas and Missouri were cocktails...

What would they be? Some of our top-read stories this year were holiday pop-ups, top cocktail spots, and local bars as zodiac signs — by now, you’re quite learned in libations.

If you had to pick (or craft) a drink describing our states, what would they be? We’ll get you started with the ones that call KC home.

What’s your favorite gas station?

This may sound like a joke. We’re being serious though. Kansas Citians love their gas stations — and no, this isn’t normal. Editor Travis has never seen anyone get as pumped about gas stations as folks do here.

Between QuikTrip (QT), Love’s, and 7-Eleven, there are plenty of convenient ways to get gassed up. What’s your spot and why? Tell us, and we might feature your answer.


With so much action happening in the Heartland, we’d be dropping the ball if if we didn’t mention sports. If the topic by itself is too broad, here’s a playbook:

  • Football: Are the Chiefs Super Bowl-bound? Also, how about that 2023 draft?
  • Soccer: Who’s ready for the KC Current’s new stadium in 2024 + the World Cup in 2026?
  • Hockey? Indoor soccer? It could be your New Year’s resolution to get out to Cable Dahmer Arena more often.

Speaking of sports...

Downtown baseball: yes or no?

Well... maybe not. This hot topic is a sure-fire way to start a debate, so approach with caution.

Our readers had plenty to say, and I’m sure your family + friends will too.

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