Best french fries in Kansas City

Styrofoam container of gyro fries in front of KC Gyro Guys food truck

Who are you calling a side dish? | Photo by KCtoday

Editor Dayten here. There are three things I’m passionate about.

  1. Local development and the future of Kansas City
  2. Niche hobbies, history, and design
  3. French fries

I love french fries, and as a journalist, I make it my business to know the best fries in the city. The word is out on a good side of fries — Joe’s, Tay’s Burger Shack, BRGR, Town Topic, Westport Cafe, Harry’s Country Club, Corvino (featured in Food & Wine, by the way).

At KCtoday, we go above and beyond: we’re breaking down why you love the fries you love and how to take local fries to the next level. Put your game face on: we’re about to get serious. Topology serious.

Crunching the numbers

If you follow our Instagram, you know that KC Taco Company has the most slept-on fries in the city. (City Editor Travis tells me Mission Taco has delicious frites, too — something about a taco place.)

But a straight cut fry might not be for you. It has to do with surface area. Seriously. The more area + less potato in the cut, the crispier the fry. (Not a math person? Here’s a visual.)

Love a thicker cut? Look for steak fries or wedges (think: LC’s + Gates). I like ‘em crispy, so waffle fries are my fav. I get mine from The BrewTop with a pork tenderloin and a Quirk.

Fry this on for size

Every meal is better with a side of fries — but that doesn’t mean they should stay on the sidelines.

  • Summit Grill’s poutine is the ultimate comfort food: fries topped with brown gravy + cheese curds.
  • Tiki Taco’s KC Burrito and Pancho’s California ask, “What if the fries were inside the burrito?”
  • Biz & Weezy knows that tater tots are best enjoyed with a fork, and covered in candied bacon + cheese.
  • My deepest cut: I drove down to Leawood — for research — and got the gyro fries from KC Gyro Guys, a food truck in a gas station parking lot. They were my companion to writing this story.

To recap

Best side of fries

  • Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que
  • Tay’s Burger Shack
  • BRGR
  • Town Topic
  • Westport Cafe
  • Harry’s Country Club
  • Corvino Supper Club
  • KC Taco Company
  • Mission Taco
  • LC’s Bar-B-Q
  • Gates Bar-B-Q
  • The BrewTop

Best fry dishes

  • Summit Grill
  • Tiki Taco
  • Pancho’s
  • Biz & Weezy
  • KC Gyro Guys
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