Betty Rae’s to open Test Kitchen in Merriam, KS

In addition to serving as a regular ice cream parlor, patrons will get to provide real-time feedback on new flavors before they go out across Betty Rae’s four locations.

A hand holding a cup of white ice cream reading "Betty Rae's." In the background, an ice cream counter holds jars of candy and waffle cones under a chalkboard menu.

At the Merriam location, off-the-wall flavors like “Olive Oil + Sea Salt” could be the norm. | Photo by KCtoday

You may just think of ice cream as the perfect sweet treat to cap off a stroll on a summer night. And, it is — but it’s also a science.

Betty Rae’s plans to open its newest location in Merriam this May, just across the parking lot from the Cinemark. The new store will have all of the top-notch ice cream you’re used to, plus some flavors you won’t expect.

The Merriam location will serve as Betty Rae’s Test Kitchen, workshopping new flavors that are being considered for retail sale and giving ice cream enthusiasts the chance to provide feedback early.

In addition to the Test Kitchen, the space will include a production facility to keep up with the sweet stop’s plans to expand further into local + regional grocery stores.

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