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Answered: Our readers’ neighborhood project wish-lists

From public safety measures to community gardens, here are KCtoday readers’ top priorities when fostering pride in place.

Picture of KC skyline at sunset with fall colors

We sure do love this place. | Photo by @mikedayphotography

Photo by @mikedayphotography

With the Neighborhood Empowerment Grant‘s latest round of funding up for grabs, we asked readers what projects they’d hypothetically spend the money on.

It was a pretty even split between public safety and crime reduction + quality of life enhancements:

“Buy the lots behind our neighborhood so no apartment complexes would go up + result in the removal of trees and wildlife habitats.” — Diane H.

“Public areas like parks and cleanup that will improve property values.” — Phil E.

“Pocket parks.” — Ryan J.

“Street lights, crime watch neighborhood signs, more patrols.” — Marie

“More police presence and patrol of the neighborhood.” — Pam T.

That said, nothing topped KCtoday reader’s community wishlists like... wait for it.... sidewalk repairs.

Over 50% of participants bemoaned the state of their community walkways. That sounds like the perfect project to pitch for grant funding, just saying.