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Kansas City region makes history as one of the first federal Tech Hubs

The region was one of 31 chosen to be a Tech Hub after reviewing 200+ applications.

kansas city from world war memorial

Kansas City is poised to help lead the nation’s tech future.

Photo by @amirabdul_

The technicalities

Go ahead and add “City of the Future” to KC’s list of nicknames. Kansas City — along with the full region stretching from Columbia, MO, to Manhattan, KS — is now a designated Tech Hub.

That means the federal government will help our region become a global contender in the tech space.

What is the Tech Hubs program?

The Tech Hubs program was created in 2022 as a part of the CHIPS and Science Act. It will invest $10 billion into some of the 31 chosen regions over five years.

But it isn’t just going to rain money. You’ll notice we said some of the 31 regions. All designated Tech Hubs will now compete to make it into Phase 2 of the program. Those who get to Phase 2 can apply for project grants to access said $10 billion.

Important note: All 31 hubs will remain designated Tech Hubs regardless of Phase 2 status, and get the benefits that come along with it.

How our region was chosen

Our regional proposal was submitted by the Kansas City Inclusive Biologics and Biomanufacturing Tech Hub (KC BioHub). The collective is made up of BioNexus KC and its 60+ partner organizations.

They rallied for the KC region to become the international spot for vaccine production and more preventative tech. Now, KC BioHub’s dream just might come true.

How will being a Tech Hub impact KC?

Since our region is officially a Tech Hub, the federal government promises benefits such as access to federal + international funding and support. And, if KC BioHub is able to secure Tech Hub grants, ~10,000 high-paying manufacturing jobs that don’t require a college degree may be created.

Stay tuned. We’ll find out if KC BioHub makes it to Phase 2 of the Tech Hubs program in early 2024.