Downtown Kansas City’s foot traffic is nearing pre-pandemic levels

Research shows that comebacks aren’t just for the Chiefs.

downtown KC skyline

A skyline full of opportunity.

Photo by @jrw_shoots

Post-pandemic, many metros across the US saw foot traffic lessen as people raced away from dense downtown areas. How has KCMO’s downtown fared in the fairly uncertain waters? Let’s step into it.

A report released by Downtown KCMO shows our city is a step ahead of the rest of the country. Third party data collectors said that, as of Tuesday, Oct. 1, the downtown area had 32.4 million visitors — that’s only 4% lower than the number of visits in 2019.

Overall, KCMO’s downtown ranked No. 3 in the nation for post-pandemic visitor comeback, only bested by bigger cities like Nashville. That’s that KC Pride at work.

What’s your favorite spot to hangout downtown? Let us know so we can check it out.