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Celebrating KCtoday’s birthday with reader’s reasons to love the newsletter

Join us in celebrating two years of KCtoday and read what our audience has to say about why they love the newsletter.

Fountain pic KCtoday

Heart eyes for the City of Fountains + our readers.

KCtoday turned two on Wednesday, Aug. 9, and we’re celebrating the only way we know how: with you. We asked for your favorite parts of KCtoday every morning + why you love our newsletter (not as much as we love you). Per usual, you showed up big in our inbox.

“Every morning I love waking up before anyone else, drinking my coffee in a quiet house, and reading KCToday to get my daily news and upcoming events at 6 a.m. This is my ‘me’ time.” — Reader, Kimberly C.

“I don’t ever read much so for me to say this is so helpful that I read it weekly is a big complement. I am always looking for fun things to do in KC. Great job to your team. Love it.” — Reader, Brian B.

“KCtoday is my go-to source for all things Kansas City. My friends always ask how I knew about an event or a restaurant, and I tell them KCtoday. Thanks for all you do!” — Reader, Darlene B.

“Happy birthday KC Today! I love learning about local events, KC history, and all of the happy news you share! I look forward to it every morning.” — Reader, Susan B.

“I’m always learning of new places to go, events to attend, things to try because of KCToday! I love learning the status of projects and the history in our town. KCToday is my favorite morning read!”
— Reader, Jan F.

“I just moved to Kansas City and your newsletter has been a wonderful way to get to know the city. I have friends coming to visit in a month and I saved several of your suggestions on tours and places to eat, shop and drink.” — Reader, Jane P.

Thanks for all the love. We can’t wait to see what is in store for year three.