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3 ways to curb food waste in our community

Reducing food waste isn’t only good for our community, it’s also good for the environment and your bank account.

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a person empties a bowl of produce scraps into a trashcan

Instead of heading to the garbage with produce scraps, turn to the composting bin.

Photo provided by Mid-America Regional Council

$1,800. That’s the average cost of groceries Americans throw away each year.

Did that make you cringe? This will help: Kansas City Food Wise offers resources to help combat food waste in our community, from increasing access to healthy food to building a sustainable food system that benefits us, our community + the planet.

Both individuals and organizations can utilize Food Wise’s tools to learn how to plan, prepare, and share food in order to cut down on waste — and keep more money in your wallet. We like the sound of that. Here’s a peek at how it works:

  • The Food System Map: This map can help you or your organization make connections with others in our regional food system.
  • Take Action: This tool offers simple ways to reduce food waste through planning, shopping, storage, preparation, eating habits, sharing, and composting.
  • Get Involved: There are many ways to help reduce food waste and build a sustainable food system in the Kansas City region. Learn about volunteering opportunities, community events + more.

Start reducing your food waste.