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Cast Hallmark’s Chiefs Christmas love story with KC characters

You had me at “I’ll buy you K.C. Joe’s” ... ahem, I meant “Hello”

KCtoday_Travis Taylor Hallmark

Do we wish the cast looked a bit more like this? Yes, minus the Photoshop of course. | Graphic by KCtoday

It was hard turning down Hallmark Movie Channel’s offer to consult on “Holiday Touchdown,” but nothing can keep your dutiful City Editors from delivering hyperlocal news to your inbox.

Okay, so maybe it didn’t go down exactly like that... but with all of our readers’ great ideas, we think it totally should have. From our recast call to the screen, here’s what Hallmark’s Chiefs Christmas love story would look like with a little more KC flavor:

Our leading lady

“Jackie Nguyen” — Jeff G.

The entrepreneur, speaker + founder of Kansas City’s first Vietnamese coffeeshop, Café Cà Phê, has a lot on her plate these days — but this casting choice isn’t far-fetched at all. In a past life, Nguyen was a full-fledged actress touring on musical theater productions like “Miss Saigon.”

Runner ups: Heidi Gardner, Gracie Hunt, and Sarah Jabbour from Scoobie

The man of the hour

“Henry Cavill” — Madison B.

He may not be local (or look like Travis), but the “Superman” star is perhaps our flick’s best fit for one reason: he loves the Chiefs just as much as we do.

Runner ups: Paul Rudd, Salvador Pérez, and Jesse Metcalfe

Meet-cute ground zero

“Joe’s BBQ, East Gas Station location” — Rhonda G.

It’s a busy lunch hour and they’ve both ordered Z-Mans for pick-up. He rushes in, she hurries after the handsome stranger, and their hands touch as they reach for the same bag. Look at that, they even ordered the same sides...

Runner ups: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, KC Wheel, and Crown Center Ice Terrace

Their hang-ups

“Her rich boyfriend played by Joe Burrow, who wants to move the Chiefs to Oakland.” — Jeff G.

Kansas City may or may not still be collectively working through our feelings about the 2022 AFC Championships. Regardless, Burrow seems like the perfect, out-of-town boyfriend to keep our lovebirds apart.

Runner up: “Families that own competing barbecue restaurants.” — Janet F.

Sagely matchmaker

“Stretch from Grinders” — Jeff G.

You either know him, or you don’t. Just as integral to Grinders as the pizza, we can see its founder Stretch distilling questionably wholesome advice to our heroes. Maybe he’s the quirky musical uncle who gifted our Taylor-esque stand-in her first guitar?

Runner ups: Eric Stonestreet, Mayor Q, and “His mom (aka momma Kelce), played by Jane Fonda” — Madison B.

Break-up or make-up

“Middle of [GEHA] field or in the tunnel leading to the field with the roar of the crowd in the background.” — Theresa G.

“Holiday Touchdown: A Chiefs Love Story” can’t not end at Arrowhead. After all, our camera department already has some pretty perfect inspiration between the (actual) filming happening on the field right now, and the celebration that topped it all.

Runner up: “New Years Eve, on top of the KC Wheel, as the fireworks are going off over the city (I know fireworks are illegal inside city limits but this is a movie).” Madison B.

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