Berkley Riverfront: Past, Present, Future

Vertical development is here to stay at Berkley Riverfront.

Map of Planning for Berkley Riverfront

Parcel 8 is reserved for the new KC Current Stadium.

Map from 2017 via Cushman & Wakefield

The Berkley Riverfont, located along the Missouri River and near downtown KC, hadn’t seen vertical development in over a century. That was until 2017, when a master plan for a 45-acre development began, including offices, residential + retail space. Kansas City knows how to make things happen.

The last five years

The Union luxury apartments, detailing 410 luxury apartment units, 400 parking spaces, and 12,000 sqft of retail, was the first project to begin a five-year stretch of non-stop development by Port KC. Then along came Bar K, a two-acre, off-leash dog park with a bar + restaurant built out of repurposed shipping containers. In 2020 the Riverfront welcomed CORE, a second apartment project with 355 units.

What’s next

The KC Current stadium isn’t the only plan for the future of the riverfront. A feasibility study was completed regarding Streetcar Riverfront extension, expanding on the development momentum and giving Kansas Citians access to the natural amenities + new community offerings.