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Asked: Send us your photos of the Great North American Eclipse

We managed to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse — but if you were stuck in KC at the time, you’ll know that 90% totality is a hard thing to see with the naked eye. That’s where our metro photographers come in.

A KCtoday sticker over the sun.

If you tried to take a photo with your iPhone, you’ll know it didn’t look like much. That’s where the pros come in. | Photo by KCtoday team

Eclipses are surprisingly easy to miss.

Editors Dayten and Maddie spent the eclipse on the rooftop of Boulevard Brewing, sipping Dark Truth and snacking on Moon Pies. Even we noticed that our fellow eclipse viewers missed the crucial moment when the moon kinda-sorta-mostly covered up the sun.

The Great North American Eclipse only reached totality for four-ish minutes on its path from Texas to Maine. In Kansas City, it peaked at 90% totality at 1:54 p.m. Readers who were around for the 2017 eclipse may be underwhelmed by the light show yesterday.

What we mean is, don’t sweat it if you were caught inside during this once-in-a-few-decades event. But if you’re one of our lucky readers who, A) went down to southern Missouri to catch the eclipse in the path of totality, or B) has a high-powered camera that caught a good view of the eclipse in KC — only you can help cure our readers’ FOMO.

Send us your eclipse pics (or tag us on Instagram) + you could be featured in an upcoming newsletter. If not, we guess you just had to be there.

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