Four abandoned castles around Kansas City

KC Workhouse postcard

The Kansas City Workhouse | Image via the Kansas City Public Library

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What’s more festive than a haunted house? A haunted castle. DYK that Kansas City is home to several of these spooky structures? Though not technically castles out of the Middle Ages, these buildings were constructed during the 19th + 20th centuries, and are still standing today. Grab your flashlight and dive into the history of these local landmarks below.

🏰 Kansas City Workhouse

This medieval-style castle was built in 1897 to function as a prison –– and was constructed largely in part by the prisoners themselves. By 1923, all of its prisoners had been transferred to municipal farms, and ownership of the building changed hands several times throughout the mid-20th century. It was ultimately left abandoned in 1972.

🏰 Sauer Castle

When German immigrant Anton Philip Sauer arrived in Kansas City, he purchased a modest 200-acre plot of land. Naturally, he built a 20-room castle on the property. He died less than 10 years after finishing what became known as the Sauer Castle. In 1988, it was purchased by its current owner, Sauer’s great-great-grandson, Carl Lopp.

🏰 Imperial Brewing building

The Imperial Brewing Company built this massive, castle-like complex at the turn of the 20th century to serve the city’s booming beer industry. It promptly closed in 1919 as a result of prohibition. The property was partially destroyed by fire in 2011, but there are plans to ultimately redevelop it into office space.

🏰 Wheatley-Provident Hospital


Wheatley-Provident Hospital in 2020 | Image via Wikimedia Commons

Wheatley-Provident Hospital was Kansas City’s first hospital operated by + for the Black community. Due to its extreme deterioration, the landmark was at risk of demolition –– but was purchased by a development group in 2018. There are plans to convert the space into offices.


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