3 great pie places in Kansas City

Pie is an ‘important part of Midwest cuisine’ — Rye proprietor and chef Megan Garrelts

Photo of pumpkin pie

Heart eyes for pies.

Photo via Rye

Any way you slice it, pie is a classic feast treat. From September apples to October pumpkins and November cranberries, these classic flavors pair perfectly with the changing seasons (and a dollop of ice cream).

Here are three top-notch spots around town to snag a slice — or a whole tin.

  • Rye, Leawood + The Plaza | Its MoKan pie is a variation of pecan, using local pecans and walnuts baked in butter, sugar, and bourbon.
  • The Upper Crust, 7943 Santa Fe Dr., Overland Park, KS | Rated the best pie in Kansastwice.
  • Heirloom Bakery & Hearth, 401 E 63rd St., KCMO | The honey, apple, thyme pie is a twist on a classic using all regional ingredients.

Which holiday pie is your favorite? Let us know.

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