18th and Vine: 14 projects and a pedestrian plaza

Imagine this street without the cars.

KC_18th Street in Kansas City

Don’t let these clouds fool you — this district’s future is bright.

Photo by KCtoday

Kansas City officials broke ground this week on the new Zhou Brothers Art Center. The project will transform the unoccupied Crispus Attucks School — at 19th Street + Woodland Avenue — into an arts hub that includes a museum, art studios, and retail spaces.

The project is mostly privately funded, with $2 million coming from KCMO.

That’s only the most recent development among 14 recent + current projects in the Historic 18th & Vine District. Those include a three-phase, multi-family housing development, the Boone Theater redevelopment, and the 2000 Vine project in the old Water Department building.

Earlier this year, US Rep. Emaneul Cleaver II also announced $4 million in federal funding for a pedestrian plaza (think: no cars), which is planned for two blocks between 18th Street between The Paseo and Highland Avenue. Residents and local stakeholders recently had a public meeting at the Gregg/Klice Community Center to show potential designs and aggregate feedback.

Note: a pedestrian mall was also suggested for The Plaza. Tell us what you think.

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